Welcome to Four Directions Hiking with Donna McCall

My mission is to introduce available dog companions to you, through hiking experiences with the canines from Stray Rescue in St. Louis. All of these dogs are great as outdoor partners for anyone who loves to hike, backpack, trail run, whatever! The dogs travel with me to trails in all four directions. They come in colors of black, red, white and yellow, which happen to be the colors representing the four cardinal directions of N,S,E, and W, in American Indian culture. Thus the name Four Directions!

ODIS, the Wrinkly Prince

ODIS, the wrinkly prince

Once upon a time in a land far away and also NEARBY

was a dog full of wrinkles.

He wished for two things.

One: to find a best friend to live with.

Two: to look like a stuffed animal so his best friend

would hug him tightly and let him sleep

on their desk, bed, sofa or any furniture possible

(even an old uncomfortable piece)

when they were away or too busy to hold him

He would call himself

The Wrinkly Prince. Hmmm. Silly pup.

So he asked some ladies to help him look

all over the forest for such a friend.

This did not seem like the best choice of places

to find what he wanted, but he asked.

So they did.

ODIS was very excited to travel with the Ladies!

They helped him into the Prince-mobile.

He Bid farewell to his Man-in-waiting, Sir Tony.

One of his new friends, Cassie, Kissed him “Hello”.

We had a wonderful ride. Odis was very happy

to look out his window.

(Notice the drip on the end of the tongue)

Odis was very curious about the forest, and found himself searching

high and low for things he did not even expect to find.

Like a family!

Unfortunately, the family already had their own

“prince”, and could not have another.

He seemed disappointed.

Eventually he became rather exhausted.

Cassie and Donna encouraged him to keep looking.

They both saw what a wonderful boy he was.

He was soft, beautiful and WRINKLY!


A perfectly lovely set of bumps and grooves.

Surely SOMEONE would notice and take him home.

Besides his beauty, and more importantly,

ODIS is well-behaved, affectionate,

likes other dogs, seems to love all humans, and He is a great hiker!!

We LOVED spending the afternoon with him!

But we began to wonder again, maybe this is not

the correct place to find your best friend.

It was time to ask Odis if we could go back to the city.

We reassured him he would find a special human some day.

Of course, this made him quite excited

and caused a bit of wiggling and jiggling

After that, our hopes were up in the sky!!

So back we went to our vehicle.

Odis, we were happy to have you with us

and someday, you will become someone’s

Wrinkly Prince.