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ODIS, the Wrinkly Prince


ODIS, the wrinkly prince Once upon a time in a land far away and also NEARBY was a dog full of wrinkles. He wished for two things. One: to find a best friend to live with. Two: to look like



 fostered through I figure with a soft-ish name like Snowball, I should add something profound. And he is just that….GREAT! How do I explain to you that I met a dog who swept me off my feet, elevated my

MAY HIKE 2014-with Gordy, Jaelyn, Boogie Pilgrim, Whirlwind, Denise, Artie, Thumbelina, Lady Tulip and Hideaway!


I can shout from the rooftops that my buddy is application for personal loan template ADOPTED!! If there is ever a reason to be joyous today it’s for a dog named Gordy! Over the nearly three years he was in



  advance america cash advance centers headquarters Though it’s not the traditional time of year for Thanksgiving-style reflections, I feel like it’s a good time to do just that. The hiking program has had several seasons now (FOUR!), and despite



In the previous hiking post, I wrote a few thoughts about 1800 fast cash loans PATIENCE I decided to continue it to THIS posting, the reason was a bit unlike the last, however… … Weather has never been more difficult



The key to communicating and thus advance america cash advance complaints accomplishing goals when working with dogs is through PATIENCE. Without it, all else will fail. You can hold great ideas in your pockets, exhibit positive alpha attitude, and possess



  I apologize for the delay in getting 2000 installment loan no credit check yourself this posting out. My life has been a bit unordinary of late.   Though some of the dogs below are adopted (and isn’t that fabulous?!)


Suzanne Kiddo

One rough winter, don’t you agree? And as I advance america cash advance reviews compose this group of sentences, there is yet more snow predicted and it may, once again,accumulate, with all the trimmings—wind, ice, and frigid temperatures. There has

End of the year 2013 with Castaway, LaDee, Zealand, Hideaway, Nelson Hull, Ricochet and Olympic!!


For me, the ending of arizona mortgage loans 2013 has been a challenge. Due to an injury earlier in December, I was unable to hike (for the first time in a very long time) with one of my crews. Knee

18th Street Has The Best Dogs, plus a First Time Hiker Meets a Real Pit Bull (LOL)


Occasionally, I meet people interested in participating as a shelter application letter for personal loan from company volunteer and specifically ask to become part of the hikes 4 DH does out on the trails. Their first hike is always a