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Ludwig, the Gentleman


LUDWIG, the Gentleman So we go on borrow money from bank to start business this group hike and I take four of the dogs from SR out to Castlewood Park in my truck [which was quite the ride :-)] and

The First Group Hike…Stray Rescue Dogs Enjoy Castlewood


THE FIRST GROUP HIKE… bank personal loan low interest STRAY RESCUE DOGS ENJOY CASTLEWOOD! The first group hike on October 30, 2010 Back row: Danny (with me), Ludwig (with Rumi), Ellis P (with Joe) Front row: Wiggs (with Jennifer) and Rock

Castlewood Park Trail – River Scene 3+miles (mild-mod)


A great place to hike in West County! can i get a cash advance on my reliacard Castlewood Park River Scene Trail …a little over three miles of outdoor beauty Heading up onto the bluffs Callie on the EDGE! bank loans with

Danny on a Hike


DANNY ON A HIKE (This is my first try at video-I’m a obvious amateur! Hopefully the future ones will improve with practice!) auto loan credit score can i get a crisis loan today bad credit baby catalogues auto loan no money

The Real Danny


banks mandate a collateral for personal loans ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““ THE REAL DANNY You know that young neighbor guy you think of when you need help moving that heavy china cabinet, or  jumpstart the truck in January? The reliable, kind and gentle soul

Lulu and Hugo


An October Day of Romance Lulu and Hugo auto loan rates in ohio Lulu and Hugo…..what an adorable twosome! When I talked with Tara at SR on Pine, she suggested that these two would be fun together for a hike with my

Scout: curious, cautious and compact


bank of america loan status mortgage SCOUT curious, cautious and compact FINE dogs come in all sizes, shapes and colors, right? So what is “FINE”? To me, a pup with an honest face, polite behavior and friendly disposition, as well as eagerness to please,

Dawnie, soft and sweet


DAWNIE, soft and auto loans for fair credit sweet She IS perfect I actually hesitate to introduce her…she is so wonderful–I WANT HER FOR MYSELF!!! (WISH WISH) I will say I have not had a more PLEASANT hike with a



THE ROCK! Havin a little rawhide on the auto title loans south carolina rain-soaked deck Exploring the yard with THAT NOSE! Rainy days were meant for hiking with Rock. This enthusiastic hound/terrier mix was a blast to be with on this cloudy and



Octane–oh yeah! bad credit auto loan yahoo Body of steel! Face full of grass and plant matter So, is there any way I can properly describe Octane to the readers…hmmmmm. ACTION! Yep, ACTION! He has the perfect name….though I would