SNOWY DAY ~~Hiking Post 3.24.13, with Shamrock, Diamond in the Ruff, La-Dee, Peggy Sue, Kuba Kuba, KIDDO, Lil Roxy, One Way and Homer!

We hear this once in a while:

“Do apply aeon personal loan online you guys hike in rain and snow?”

Of COURSE we do!

Why WOULDN’T we?


No insects,

no heat,

and MUCH less crowded trails.



(Peggy Sue and George)


(Sandy and Ladee)



As long as the dogs are ready, then so are we.


Thanks Pat for these two photos!

My hiking partner was Diamond in the Ruff, one of the 18th Street

Shelter dogs. She was very excited to have been chosen for the

hike, and the volunteers on hand were very happy for her as well.

When she figured out this was not going to be her typical walk,

she scooted right for the car, patiently waited for me to open

the door and leaped right into the back seat.

As we drove to Pine Street to meet the rest of the group, Diamond

sat very still in back and looked out the window. Once we arrived at

Pine, her tail wagged with anticipation as she watched all her hiking

mates file out of the shelter and into their awaiting cars. Because the forecast

called for snow, it was a very short drive to Forest Park for the day’s adventure.

In recognition of Four Directions Hiking – and I’m sure to let everyone in the

park know who we were — Diamond “accidentally” turned on my car’s four-way

flasher. The snow already has started, and it didn’t deter anyone from having

fun in the park.

Diamond’s hiking attire (see attached photo) was simply stunning – a green quilted

coat and a blaze-orange vest that was coded with “Dogs for Dummies” instructions

for putting it on her properly (apparently a few hikers have tried alternative

placement!). Diamond sat patiently waited while I put both garments on her.

Off we went, and Diamond’s nose burrowed through the snow as we

trekked through the park. She was not concerned about the other dogs

on the hike, concentrating more on the ducks in the lake, squirrels in the trees

and the foliage that quickly was being blanketed with snow.

We hiked near the back of the pack, primarily near Homer and Lynne,

and Kiddo and Sarah. We kept our distance, but they all seemed OK with one another.

Diamond initially pulled on the lead because of the excitement, but settled into

a comfortable pace for both of us – no snow facials for me!

The weather forced us to shorten the hike, to the disappointment of the group I’m sure.

As is customary for many of the four-legged hikers, we stopped off at for some chicken.

Diamond polished off the whole thing, daintily taking each piece and

chewing completely. She sat in the front seat on the short ride back to the shelter and

watched the snow fall. When we arrived back at 18th Street, Diamond walked

right to her apartment and curled up on her bed. Volunteers for the noon shift let me

know that Diamond was tired from her big adventure – and that’s what we like to hear!



Big, beautiful Shamrock is a resident of 18th Street where I

have walked her many times. She rode great in the ride over

to Pine and on the ride to and back from Forest Park for the hike.

Shamrock loved the park, and the rain, sleet and snow did not

bother her one bit. She was very busy the whole time putting her

nose to the ground, taking in all the sights and smells. She was

especially interested every time we went by water and seemed

to want to jump in, but it was a little too cold to take a dip on this hike.

Shamrock sometimes tries to be a “diva” and pull on her leash,

but if you correct her and tell her to sit, she listens very well

and will sit right by your side.

Shamrock didn’t seem to tire out one bit and I know she loved

being out on this hiking adventure. We both had a great time.

~~Karen B.





I went to La-Dee’s apartment and she was so happy to see me,

I fell in love with her immediately. She was very polite as we went to

the car, totally gentle and didn’t pull on her lead at all. She hopped in

the car and sat in the front seat so prim and proper, just checking

everything out, she is extremely observant. As we walked the trail,

she would stop and put her paws on my legs, 24 hour loans no credit check free look up at me waiting

to give me kisses and get some ear rubs. I loved it because she is so

tiny and petite, she completely melted my heart! She gobbled up the

treats I gave her, but she took them ever so gently. She was totally

behaved as walkers, runners and bikers went by. She would just watch

them as if to say “whatever”. Now the ducks were a different story,

she was very interested in them and became extremely curious. She is

good with dogs and people. If you are interested in a forever friend who

is very sweet, loving, gentle and well behaved, La-Dee is the one for you.

She will make some lucky person a wonderful best friend!




Snowing the minute we arrived, and for hours after we returned

to the shelter, this day was fraught with opportunities to fail.

A dog from a shelter is not as accustomed to long outdoor

activities in heavy snow (only to be expected!).

However, the female beauty I hiked with, Peggy Sue, could have

had anything from cracked feet to hypothermia,

but such was not the case. She is one of those dogs meant to be outdoors

with a best friend. PS was not a bit of trouble from the time I placed a

slip-lead around her neck to the minute we returned to her little cozy

apartment. She was a diamond, a trooper, a partner.

Peggy Sue has been a shelter resident for awhile now…and has her own

fan club, including George! (See above)

She may not be the most STRIKING or CHARISMATIC of dogs at first,

but some dogs need time to open up and show their individual personalities.

Her face may not “look” happy,

but she is just as sweet and affectionate as any other

dog you might meet. She, like so many, has her

“issues” or limitations, but those are perhaps TEMPORARY—sort of

“shelter-driven”, and may not apply in a real home.

Please consider her for adoption, if you are willing

to show her the home she deserves.








I did not expect my second hike of 2013 to be full of snow, but holy cow was it!

I’ve never hiked in the snow before so I wasn’t sure what to expect

and neither did my hiking buddy Kiddo. Man, that girl was ready

to break out of the shelter and she let me know it. She sounded like a

walrus yelping “Let’s go!” She was so excited she jumped right in the car.

She gave me a couple of sweet kisses on my cheek and poked her nose

out the window to smell around as we started moving. When we got to

Forest Park, we decided to stay to the back of the pack because Kiddo

is a watcher. She wants to know where everyone is in front and behind her.

She’s a good walker with a little help from me. She would glance back up

at me every now and then to make sure she could keep going. When we

stopped, I coerced her to jump up to my level and give me a hug and some

kisses. Kiddo is a great girl who is full of energy and so pretty too! I love her

coloring. She loved hiking in the snow, but as soon as we got back to my car

she passed out. She was so sweet in the car. She mostly sat back and looked

out the window, but would remind me with kisses that she was back there.

When we got back to the shelter I gave her a treat. Instead of eating it, she just held

it in her mouth like a cigar. It was a pretty funny sight to see. I think Kiddo would

make a great addition to any energetic home. She’s super sweet and loves

to be on the move.





From the beginning we knew that One Way was a great dog with alot of

energy. Before we left for the hike, we played a game of ball with

One Way at Stray Rescue. He loved it! Once in the car he settled right in,

was behaved and loved to sneak us kisses on the drive.

When we got out of the car at Forest Park the snow had begun to fall and

One Way loved it. For the start of the hike to the very end, One Way appeared

to be having the time of his life. He would find sticks in the snow, throw them

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around and bring them to us for a game of tug of war. He tried to show the other

dogs on the hike how to have a little fun…..and also he gave them a short

swimming lesson. :) (ACCIDENTALLY!)

From start to finish One Way never slowed down and had a great time.

He is a super happy and has great energy. He still showing his puppy side himself

and LOVES to play!

In the car on the way home, One Way fought to keep his eyes open but did

not sleep because he was afraid he would miss something. (Kind of like a kid…)




~~Sam and George







Kuba Kuba is always happy to see me because she loves going

for walks. She will jump in the car on her own but you have to

leave the window cracked far enough so she can stick her nose

out for the ride. She walks really well and doesn’t pull on the leash,

just walks around smelling everything

and will get into the water if you let her. While she is walking she

will also turn around to get your attention so you can give

her a little loving.

Kuba Kuba is a great dog and is just a joy to take out.

Lookijng forward to hiking on a real trail away from the city, and

hopefully the snow will not reappear next time!





Lil Roxy is a sweet, attentive, people-loving dog who seemed

to really enjoy her hike this past Sunday. When she first came

out of her apartment, Lil Roxy immediately greeted the

volunteers around her with her sweet face and wagging tail.

Once outside, she eagerly jumped inside my car and was a

perfect lady on the way to the trail – she ate the treat I brought her

nicely and then politely sniffed the inside of the car and gazed out

the windows, patiently waiting for us to reach our destination.

Once we arrived at Forest Park, Lil Roxy seemed a little hesitant

to leave the warm confines of car for the snowy trails outside,

but she was a real trooper. Lil Roxy seemed to really enjoy running

through the snow and taking breaks for petting, treats, and love.

She is also a champ at knowing “sit”… my guess is she probably

knows other commands, too, but we didn’t try any others beside “sit.”

Lil Roxy also started our hike with a little bit of barking at our other

doggie friends, but as the hike went on and as we got used to each

other, she was hiking along with the rest of the group without incident.

On the way back to the Rescue, Lil Roxy took a short nap in the back,

tired out from her morning adventure. She’s a great dog

and a sweet girl. I hope she finds her forever home soon!





A sign on Homer’s apartment reads, “Very Strong!” While leashing

him up I thought, “Oh yeah, we’ll see about that.” The sign was right,

as I soon found out, so I thought it best we set some boundaries.

With an impromptu lesson (and a short leash) at the beginning of our

hike/walk, this gigantic-headed, loveable soul quickly understood that he

was to walk beside me and not pull me through the snow. The Dude

is smart! Not only did he walk beside me, but every time I stopped

and gently tugged the leash, he sat down!

Homer ignored the other dogs, although he seemed especially interested

in ducks and geese on the ponds we passed. He wanted to sniff everything,

but the few times I let him sniff he got back into his massive pulling mode,

so it was best, for safety’s sake, to have him walk right beside me

and focus only on walking. Near the end of the walk he got into a rhythmic

stride and nothing distracted him. I think he could have gone another mile.

On the way back to the shelter he laid down for a bit in the backseat,

but after a few minutes he sat back up. I think he wanted to see

more of the snow!

Even though the snow was coming down hard, we were both prepared

with our cold weather gear, and our jaunt in the

winter- I mean spring – wonderland couldn’t have been more lovely.




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